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Places to Visit in Dandeli


18 February 2020


Places to visit in Dandeli

Dandeli is situated near Dharwad, North-West Region in Karnataka in the Western Ghats. Dandeli is much acclaimed for bio-diversity and eco-tourism has cool weather throughout the year, tucked inside a jungle spread with trees and natural water spots.

In Dandeli, there are so many activities to do in natural surroundings including, Natural Jacuzzis, Hill Tops, Waterfalls, Nature Camps, River Rafting, Wildlife Sanctuary, Caves, Kayaking, Trekking, Old Forts, Architecturally rich temples, Tibetian Culture in Mini-Tibet, Supa Dam, Backwaters and Boat Rides, and of course Local Shopping.

Dandeli is a natural habitat for Wildlife and also a Tiger Sanctuary. The Wild Life Sanctuary includes other than Tigers, Leopards, Black Panthers, Elephants, Gaur, Deer, Antelopes, and Bears.

Dandeli seasons for different activities:

  • Greeny Monsoon – October to January as the Rivers are full in the Monsoon season and Wild Life is active, and Fun-Activities are best enjoyed this season
  • Dry Peak Summer –  February to May for Water Activities in hot summer to escape from torrid heat in the Cool Jungles of Dandeli and learn about Culture and Arts of Dandeli from the Local Villages
  • Incessant Rain – June to September is the Rainy Season where can stay indoors and enjoy delicacies, and Rivers and Waterfalls are full and flowing. Try to avoid adventure in water during rains as the Water flows in full force and River Rafting and Water Sports are not conducted in this season.

Places of Visit

  • Sykes Point – Named after a British Engineer, Sykes, this View Point of Dandeli is spectacular for the views of thick forest, exotic species of birds and animals, and the confluence of River Kali and River Nagzari
  • Sathodi Waterfalls – also called locally as Mini-Niagara falls is 15 meters in Height and safe for swimming is a Nature Photographer’s delight. The Water originates from Yellapur in Uttara Karnataka and multiple streams enjoin to create the little known Waterfall. A short walk to the falls is guided well by Signboards. Trekking is also allowed and we recommend you to carry water bottles, first-aid, bright torch and snacks.
  • Kulgi Nature Camp – Nature camp in Wild Life Sanctuary which provides tourist accommodation at reasonable prices. There are 12 tents spread over a large area in the middle of the Jungle
  • Kavala Caves – Volcanos remains as Limestone Caves with 375 Steps to enter the Cave is mystic and keeps you in hairs end.
  • Shiroli Peak – Trekkers and Nature Photographers Delight in the peak point of Sahyadri Range and worth a few selfies.
  • Syntheri Rocks – Limestone Rocks by River Kali with 400 Steps for a casual walk by the River and a great view of the Dandeli River Valley
  • Kayaking – Guided Kayaking in near still waters and safe to non-swimmers by the presence of experienced Guides is a thrill to experience. 
  • Moulangi Falls – This is a scenic picnic spot with kayaking, water sports, boating and water rafting and also boasts of a natural jacuzzi. 
  • Anshi National Park – The Kali Tiger Reserve in the middle of Western Ghats is spread over 500 square kilometres is a natural habitat for Wild Animals. This is must visit place for Nature Lover’s and Wildlife Photographers
  • Shivaji Fort – Built by Maharaja Chattrapati Shivaji, the fort has high Heritage value. This place is loved by Trekkers, Nature and History Lovers.
  • Sri Mallikarjuna Temple – Kadamba Style Architecture styled Sri Mallikarjuna Temple was built by King Jayakesha in 1144. A piece of Art, Culture and History is just 1 kilometre from the City.
  • Dadellappa Temple – The city Dandeli is named after the presiding deity and attracts numerous visitors due to the wish-fulfilling belief.  
  • Magod Falls – The River is an offshoot from Yellapur, Karnataka and the waterfall is 200 meters in height. The place is natural, scenic and has rocky cliffs. This is a popular picnic spot for family and friends, nature lovers and photographers.
  • Kavadi Kere – Lord Bhima, 2nd Pandava from Mahbharatha Epic is believed to have created this lake after being blessed by Goddess Durga. The place is natural, scenic and has beautiful surroundings
  • Supa Dam – The dam produces 100MW of electricity to the State and is active. The catchment area is 1000 Sq. Kms, the height is 101 meters and has a length of 330 Meters. 
  • Ulavi Temple – Holy place for Lingayats, is dedicated to the Lingyat Saint Channabasavanna in the 12th Century
  • Sri Tulaja Bhavani Temple – The temple of Goddess Bhavani, incarnation of the Goddess Parvati, consort of Lord Shiva is a Stone-carved Idol worshipped by Devotees. 
  • Kodasalli Backwaters – The River Kali is the underlying river which brings most of the river water to the region of Dandeli. The Kodasalli Backwaters is beside Kodasalli Dam which stores a pool of water for electricity generation. The water flows from Sathodi Waterfalls from above to this plain of green surroundings and tranquil nature.
  • Coracle Boat Ride – Tribal Fisherman of Dandeli used Bamboo Round Boats to travel or ferry goods, and the boat is very light in weight. The tourist attraction is a Coracle boat ride on the river to enjoy the thrill of travelling by the bamboo boats.


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