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SafarStory differs in unique travel experience, choice of food and accommodation, sight-seeing places, and adventure & activities. SafarStory has a wide choice of Locations for Weekend Trips from Bangalore to engage you every time you go on a vacation. SafarStory brings you Miles of Smiles!!
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Gokarna has pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes and is also a Hindu Pilgrimage Town. Gokarna is situated close to Karwar and known for Temple and Beaches. Gokarna Beaches are known for clean sands, coconut and palm trees and dotted with tourists from India and abroad alike. 


Safar Story Weekend Trip to Gokarna from Bangalore is the perfect weekend Getaway for a stay in a spacious tent accommodation, enjoying the Sunset, relaxed walk on the beach,  some adventure and watersports. Safar Story activities include dolphin watching, Fishing, snorkelling, Kayaking, and Swimming.


SafarStory Gokarna Weeknd Trip includes sports like Football, Beach Volleyball, Frisbee, Tug of War, Baseball, and Rugby. We take you on a Mini-Trek to the Mystical Gokarna Caves for a little sight-seeing. SafarStory also has DJ Music and Bon-fire to spice up the Trip.


  • Pick-up on a Boat from Gokarna-Port
  • Venture into a Private Beach in a Boat
  • Be in Deep sea for Dolphin Watching and Fishing on our boat
  • Reach the Private beach and start with various activities.
  • We start Diving into the water with the life jackets with the assistance of expert swimmers (Non swimmers can also enjoy)
  • Post getting into the water we start various activities like 
    • Snorkelling
    • Kayaking
    • Swimming (Non-Swimmers can also enjoy this with the help of life jackets) till 4.00 p.m.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities on the Private beach like Football , Beach volleyball , Frisbee, Tug of War, Baseball, Rugby and many more..!!
  • You will be exploring Mystical Gokarna Caves through a small Mini Trek.
  • Enjoy the beautiful Sunset at the Beach with Sea Breeze.
  • Light Snacks on the Beach
  • Transported from the Beach to the Pickup location and Drive to the Camping Site
  • At Campsite we will have DJ music with Bon-fire
  • Local Cuisine Dinner will be served on the beach including Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food
  • Overnight stay in the tent on this Beautiful Location - 2 Sleeper / 3 Sleeper Tents  and Blankets shall be provided


  • After an Adventurous Fun Exciting Day you wake up and enjoy the Beach Walk with your Loved Ones at the Beautiful Picture Scenic Beach 
  • Start Trekking on the beach SafarStory Team will be assisting you on the trek
  • Breakfast at the Campsite
  • Dropped to Gokarna City Check post by 12 Noon
  • Carry your happy memories with SafarStory
  • Plan your next wonderful trip with SafarStory!!


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