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How to choose your Tour Operator in Bangalore


19 February 2020

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We all travel, for vacation or celebration, maybe even for no reason to relax and enjoy the time off from work and kitchen.

Holiday from routine is to be enjoyed best outdoors with friends and family seeing new places, visiting historical places, on holy pilgrimage, music and dance, walking by the seashore, couple of drinks and lemonades and so on.

We need to choose our location and the right tour operator to really experience the joy of travelling and exploring new places. On the other hand, if there is a bad experience holidaying, one good reason can be a not-so-well organised trip by the Tour Organiser.

What are the key things to look for when you plan a trip?

Location, Budget, Duration, Travel, Accommodation, Food, Places of Visit, Adventure Activities, Fun Activities, Tickets for Places, Fee for Activities, Safety of Travellers, Children Friendly, Sr. Citizen Friendly, Price, Inclusion and Exclusions and so on.

We will cover the most important aspects of planning and choosing the tour operators.

  • Location – The first thing to look up while you plan your trip is to ensure you have heads-up from all of the travellers on the choice of location. Then, lookup for the list of tour operators for the location and keep the list handy.
  • Budget – You may have a budget for the vacation. Kindly plan for twice the amount to take care of exigencies. Look for tour operators operating on the budget. Keep the slightly expensive ones for the moment to see if they provide more value for little extra cost.
  • Duration – Duration of the Trip, Travel Dates are essential to plan any vacation/trip. Kindly make sure you have the leaves and availability of all co-travellers for the said dates. Then, find out if the Tour Operators provide the service on your available dates. Kindly keep yourself flexible. Add 1 day after the vacation to cover to recuperation before resuming work.

By now, you will have a list of operators, prices and duration of the trip.

  • Travel – Choose your Travel mode to the Start Location of the Trip. In Metropolitan cities, you may have an advantage of starting from your Location. Plan well in advance to get the best prices for the travel. Check with the Tour Operator the Start Location and confirm before you book the tickets. There are certain Tour Packages where your Trip starts from the time you reach the place of vacation. In that case, before you pay the Tour Operator to ensure availability of tickets to the planned destination. Wherever possible choose the best travel mode depending on your Budget. Air Tickets are less expensive on Weekdays or when booked well in advance.
  • Accommodation – The best vacation requires a good night’s sleep to enjoy the day. Get details of Hotel, or place of stay, consider reviews of the hotels for all the days. There are chances that you will hop from hotel-to-hotel on longer duration trips. Kindly review all the places of stay
  • Food – This is something that is unique to every individual. We can check if the Food is included in the trip, generally, they have complimentary breakfast, one dinner etc., 
  • Places of Visit – Tour Operators do provide the places of visit subject to certain conditions. Compare the Places of Visit and see if it suits your taste of travel. There are so many beautiful places to visit and experience, but the duration will limit seeing all the available tourist spots.

By now, we have seen Travel, Accommodation, Food and Places of Visit. We can use a spreadsheet to see which travel operator, provides the best deal for the trip.

  • Adventure activities – Tour Operators offer Biking, Trekking, Jeep Rides and many activities which provoke the adventure enthusiast in you. 
  • Fun Activities – Fun includes Movie on the projector, Cruise rides, Barbeque and many such things
  • Tickets for Visits – Every Tourist Destination has Local Taxes, Permits, Entry Fees and such fee. Check well before if you have budgeted for them
  • Children and Old Friendly – Every Trip has its activities which may not be suitable for Children and Grandfathers/Grandmothers. It is good to see and plan in advance what they will be doing when you are away Trekking. Check with the Tour Operators for Wheel Chairs, Dollies etc.,
  • Visa and Foreign Travel –  Make sure you have the necessary documentation done to visit the place.

We have covered wide dimensions of the Trip. Now, it is time to decide the Tour Operator. Before we do that,
a quick check on the 3 things.

  • Price – Price of the Package, for Adults and Children
  • Inclusions – What is included in the Fare 
  • Exclusions – What is excluded in the Fare

Now, you are all set to decide the Tour Operator. Before you pay, check the Reviews of earlier customers, Word-of-Mouth Recommendations and now just splurge yourself in your Vacation. Cheers!!

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