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SafarStory differs in unique travel experience, choice of food and accommodation, sight-seeing places, and adventure & activities. SafarStory has a wide choice of Locations for Weekend Trips from Bangalore to engage you every time you go on a vacation. SafarStory brings you Miles of Smiles!!
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SafarStory has come together to inspire you to explore the places and lands to unwind from everyday life.

We design the SafarStory tours in intricate detail to ensure you have a good story to take back home or even a Travelogue.

SafarStory Tours brings the space where you travel to express yourself freely, Break free and Live every moment, Appreciate Togetherness with Co-Travellers and New Friends and Acceptance of Situations in your “Safar” and Reflect for Wisdom

Our Team

SafarStory is all about experiences, meeting different people, understanding cultures, being with nature, tasting a variety of food and enjoying every bit of the vacation or a break.

Parinay Priyadarshi

Chief Executive Officer

An advocate by profession and education. I love travelling and exploring the world, outside as well as inside. I believe in liberty and living my life to its fullest.

Darshan Jay

Chief operations Officer

To start off with a cliché, I've done my aero engineering. Yet, my heart is set upon the unlimited possibilities of where these big metal birds can take me.

Ashutosh Kumar

Chief Financial officer

If it excites you and scares at the same time, it probably means you should do it. An Artist by choice and an Analyst by profession. I got to know that jobs fill your pocket but adventures fill your soul.


Tour Co-ordinator

If adventures do not befall a lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad. I am explorer, a poet and a party animal. Music is my sanity. I love to live a good story; hence I found this work perfect for me.


Tour Co-ordinator

I always take the scenic route, because I know where my soul belongs to. I am an IT professional and I believe in living my life by a compass, not a clock. I am an adventure lover and always say “Yes” to new adventures.


SafarStory Team has put together many unique Travel elements for every Trip such as Spacious Tent Accommodation for different staying experience, Sunrise Meditation to feel energetic and fresh, Bonfire and Barbeque for party atmosphere out in the Wild, Live Guitar and Music during Multi-cuisine Dinner, Unwind seeing a Movie on a Projector and many such Travel elements.


SafarStory Guide will assist you with information about places, history and happenings and will help you understand different cultures, food choices, arts and music, and things that are different and unique about the place. Want to explore and know places? SafarStory is with you all the way.